What Do You See?

I See..

Monday, July 12, 2010


Quiet City. Parked cars. fashioned. fabulous. Downtown Reykjavík. Srt. Construction. Intriguing Architecture. Black glass, Blocky, Cubed. Library, Art Gallery, Kolaportið. Wonderful. Gray.

Happiness. Accomplishment. Tasks and goals to be fulfilled. Gifts and Talents. Wonderful! Wedding preparations. Fest i Nord preparations. lifepreparations. Love. Peace. Happiness

Feels like I've fallen into an Australian Bush. The road ends, houses are hidden by the trees. There is a patch of Garden amongst those tall weeds, This feels like home. This is what I like to remember.


Clean house. Entertaining guests. Lovely People with Lovely messages. Wedding Preparations. Remember me. I Remember You. Artificial flavours. Can you Fix the Genius Block? Finest collection of Wooden Riddles I ever did see.

Childhood memories running past my eyes. traipsing through the Hraun searching for orange and black slugs, hoping we can play for longer than we can. We hear them call us, and we run and hide. Oh the Joys of Childhood.

Feels weird. This is for Real. Shoot. Messy room, rowdy boys Music Video. Evidence of thievery. Talent, Abounds! A confused life, sad times. Groupies, Eww. Elevator & stairwell, Bullet casings. Weird... What a Tool.

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  1. I like this so much. What do the numbers mean? Are they the dates? Lovely.