What Do You See?

I See..

Friday, June 25, 2010


A Gray Sky. A lonely feel. Waiting for the sunshine, and their postponed outing.

A Gray sky holding on. The Blue sun is breaking through. The lava is breathing air while it has the chance. Everything is alive and sharing. The gray is holding on.. it can't last..

I'm Sorry. I was too late today. The World is Blue at this time. Mr. Plant doesn't mean his obscene gestures. Mr.Bug is cautious, but he is safe. I will not harm you today..

Rumbling traffic. Shiny Buildings. Are they looking back at me? A lonely Bench, with a Lonely chapel in the distance. People. Healthy? or Vain. Hraun. Does it really hide the Hidden People?

Giant Hills, Icelandic Mountains. Reflected Worlds. Is it better there? Are the Hidden folk the rulers there? Content people with full stomachs and full hearts. Truly a Reykjavík, with hydra's and crocodiles, Dragons and Mystic mountains.

The World is Blurry. If I look down it seems uneven. My Shadow is Wild, Do people see me that way? The Blue Sky is white on the horizon. The Sun makes The Ocean sparkle, but I can see the clear blue with gray..

Too many spiders. The Sky is Blue, but the Sun is hiding. Too Picturesque. I wish I owned it. The Poppies are waiting to Burst. The Purple is alone for now. Amazingly placed Benches. four Paths, Which to take?

It's so loud, obnoxious, cumbersome. sounds so busy. Delphin Voyager. It's okay. It's leaving now. The heavens are crying, nobody is about. I like it best this way. But there are more cars. Baby ducks are so cute!

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